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Top 5 Tools to Pull the Information Out of an Android Device Remotely


In this world dominated by high-end gadgets, it is considered unacceptably rude to touch someone else’s smartphone. However, the issues that can only be resolved by looking into someone’s mobile device and violating their privacy are not uncommon. Sometimes getting to know what unfaithful partners or spouses are hiding in their phones is the only way out of an unhealthy relationship. 

What is more, kids who are constantly busy on their phones are a matter of concern for their parents. Even having to show the content of their phone, they are tricky enough to share with you only what they want and conceal anything compromising. Meanwhile, you come across the dreadful news on CNN  about children being tricked into meeting strangers or buying drugs. 

Finally, if you have employees using corporate tablets or smartphones, you can use the best cell phone spy apps for Android to find if they are sharing confidential data without your knowledge. 

So let’s have a look at how you can choose the best to serve your needs.

How Does the Best Spyware for Android Phones Work? 

The mobile spyware runs on an Android device by secretly monitoring the usage of all the mobile apps and obtaining various types of information for you. These apps can send you reports on phone calls, text messages, locations, social media activities, keyboard entries, etc. If you want to use any of these tools, there are standard steps you need to take.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to spy on the Android phones with the spy apps.

  1. Subscription.  Most of the authentic and original spy apps for Android phones come with a subscription plan. You need to choose a suitable plan with or without the Premium options on and proceed to make the necessary payment.
  2. Confirmation. Once you are done with the payment, you receive an email that contains the login credentials and other important information with a complete installation guide.
  3. Google Play Protection. If there are any anti-virus programs on the phone you want to monitor, add the spy app to the list of exceptions. Since mobile spyware cannot be found in the Google Play Store, you will need to disable Google Play Protect.
  4. Installation. The installation implies physical access to the target phone. The whole process normally takes 5-10 minutes. The installation file needs to be downloaded and run on the phone/tablet. Then you open the file to launch the installation wizard on the phone and follow the prompts.
  5. Agreement. Just like any other app, the spy apps need you to accept the License Agreement and agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions. You will also need to give the app all the permissions it requests. 
  6. Operations. When everything is set, it starts with extracting information from the target device, running in the stealth mode, and giving you every detail of its activities. 

You can check the updates on your Control Panel, which you can access from any device you have. 

How to Choose the Best Spyware Features for Android Phones? 

Before choosing the best spyware app for your phone, you need to analyze the list of features you get with each option and how they satisfy your needs. Here are the most common features offered by spy apps.

  • Call recording and text message spy. The mobile spyware provides you with the records of the calls. On your online Control Panel, you can find statistical reports on the phone numbers (and names if they are on the contact list) that had the most frequent or the longest conversation with the person you are tracking. They also allow you to have seamless access to the outgoing and received SMS. Some apps, like mSpy, also show you the deleted texts. 
  • GPS tracker. All the best cell phone tracking apps for Android have the GPS location tracker system so that you can easily track the current location of the device in question. They also let you monitor the location history and see which routes your target person has taken and when.  
  • Live screen recording. Some apps provide you with live screen recording, allowing you to see all the activities documented in detail. However, live screenshots are more common. You can easily record the screen and save them as short video files.
  • Android remote controller. Most of the cell phone surveillance software comes with the remote control features, from sending remote commands to restore the connection with the phone to the ability to block incoming calls, sites, applications, or even completely blocking the target device. 
  • Browsing activity tracker. You can get detailed information about the search history, bookmarks, and visited sites.
  • Key logs. The mobile spyware is capable of tracking the social media logins, conversations, calls, photos, voice messages, and multimedia exchanged through private dialogues from the targeted device. 

Top 5 Android Spy Apps

We have reviewed the most popular apps in the market and compared their price, functionality, and customers’ reviews. Based on these three criteria, here is the selection of 5 best samples of spyware for Android phones that you can choose for getting the result you expect: 

  1. mSpy
  2. Mobistealth 
  3. AppMia 
  4. TheWiSpy 
  5. XNSPY

What Is the Cost of the Best Cell Phone Spy App for Android?

Correlation between price and quality plays a vital role in deciding which app will be the best choice. Choosing a costly app may not be the right option for you as well as trusting your own and your target person’s private info to the free services. The best option is to spend on an app that satisfies your needs.

The start price declared by some spy apps is $0. And there are plenty of phone tracker apps for free for Android available that claim to let you have complete access to the target phone, but according to the reviews we have seen, they do nothing. 

On the other hand, some upmarket mobile apps offer you costly subscription packages for up to $1000. These include extreme functions good enough for either advanced industrial spying or monitoring a very tricky individual. Most of such features are quite unnecessary, though. 

For a reliable spy app that comes with all the efficient features to meet your requirement, the price falls in the range between $147.96- $445. Most of the quality apps we have looked at offer the Premium set of tools for 12 months for $200.  


Now that you know the best spyware for Android phones, you will find it much easier to make the right choice. You can visit the official sites of the apps we exemplified to learn more about their functionality and how it works. You can also look at the detailed pricing policy of every app to compare what you get will with the different packages they offer and how these offers meet your needs. 

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