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Top 5 Free SMS Trackers to Use Without Installing on the Target Phone


Do you find your kids spending more time over their phones chit-chatting with their friends? Do you find their habit of chatting for long durations a bit suspicious? Or you think your partner is not spending enough time on you and is seeing interest in someone else? Do you have a doubt about your employees leaking some confidential information about your company? If the answer to any of the questions is yes, it is high time that you take a step to find out what is going behind your back. 

The good news is you can do the same by using an SMS tracker without installing on the target phone. These apps can let you have a sneak-peek on the target phone, which you are suspicious about. Here is a complete article that will give you a better insight into how these apps are useful and how it can be used to spy on someone else’s phone without them hinting about the same.

Why Install Text Tracking Apps for Free?

There may be different reasons for different people to track the phone of someone who they are suspicious about. For parents, it may be because of seeing their kids spend most of their time over their phones instead of studying. For married people, it may be due to a sudden behavioral change in their partner’s behavior that results in weak chemistry between the two. As an employer, they may consider spying on an employee’s phone by witnessing a continuous fall in their company’s success graph. The reasons may be varied but have the same result, forcing them to eye on other people’s phones without them having a hint about the same.

How to Install a Text Message Tracker Without a Target Phone?

Are you worried about installing the text tracker without the target phone? Here is how you can get started with it.

  1. Enter the user’s iCloud ID and password. If you fail to get the iCloud credentials, you may have to take the risk of installing an SMS tracker physically on the phone.
  2. Once you have installed the app, you can consider purchasing a subscription package for the same by choosing a no-jail package.
  3. Fill in the payment details and complete the final steps for purchasing the same.
  4. Head to a detailed instruction page where you will receive the welcome credentials.
  5. Log in to the app, visit the control panel to start your monitoring task on the targeted phone.

Best SMS Tracker for iPhone Without Target Phone

If your kids use iPhones and you find their phone usage a bit suspicious, you can consider using these top SMS trackers for iPhone without the target phone to monitor their activities.

Easy Logger

Easy Logger is a hidden mobile tracking app that comes with a lot of features a good spy app should have. With such software, you can check someone’s calls, texts, installed apps, and location. The app is launched not to drain your target’s battery as it thus remains hidden.


Copy9 is an advanced monitoring solution that can come in handy in parental control. However, their website has been banned by search engines since 2018 and hasn’t been fixed since this time. So, currently, this solution needs to be skipped.


Gizmoquip stands as a powerful solution in phone tracking. This software can be downloaded from Google Play Store, and as a result, it is straightforward to install and use. Gizmoquip lets you track text messages, calls, contacts, etc.

Top 2 SMS Tracker Android Without Target Phone

If you are planning to keep an eye over your kid’s phone or your partner’s phone using an SMS tracker for Android without using the target phone, here are the top apps that you can consider installing.


When we think about parental control, mSpy is the first app we think about. It is widely used by millions of parents, as it comes with over 30+ spying features. Also, it comes at an affordable pricing plan that is within everyone’s grasp.


Appmia is monitoring software that was designed to let everyone track their someone’s activities remotely. This software is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and runs in hidden mode. What’s more, before subscribing to a plan, Appmia offers a demo version.

Advantages of Using SMS Tracker Apps

Though one may feel that using such spying apps is unnecessary to intervene in someone else’s business, it is beneficial to have kids at home as they are vulnerable to fall prey to scams and frauds. In such a case, monitoring their SMS and text messages can help the parents have peace of mind that their kids are not falling into any trap. 

Here are a few advantages that one can benefit out from it by using such a text message tracker without a target phone:

  • These apps allow you easy espionage to text messages of the target phone.
  • They help you keep your kids safe from any trap and ensure they do not fall into any malicious activities.
  • Not only the text messages, but these applications also help in keeping an eye on the photos, media, and social media accounts.
  • The process of installation of such apps is easy and does not require any rocket science for its operation. 

How to Track SMS Without Installing It on a Targeted Phone for Free?

Honestly, there is no free SMS tracker without installing it on a target phone. There are multiple apps over the Internet that purport to provide free and remote SMS tracking without installation. All you have to do is to enter a cell number to read texts for free without installing on the target phone. However, all such apps that claim a completely free package for SMS tracking without installation are scams and ploys that allure the user and force them to download viruses or malware on their cellphones.

So, be very careful while falling for any random spying app. Ensure that you never install any such spy apps that ask you to download any suspicious documents and ask you for surveys. 

Final Thoughts

Spy apps are a great tool, especially for parents who wish to monitor their kids’ whereabouts and married people who doubt their partner cheating on them. Installing such apps for monitoring purposes is the most effective hacks that you can try with high-end monitoring features to gain full control over the target phone.

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