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Does WebWatcher Work or Is It a Scam?


It is not easy for parents to keep track of what their children are doing online. Fortunately, there are some good monitoring options that can help you, like the WebWatcher app. How does WebWatcher work? Do you want to know what WebWatcher reviews say? Read this review to find out.

How Does WebWatcher Work?

WebWatcher monitoring tool is basically a parental control app that helps access information from a target device remotely. It is an effective tracking tool to protect your child from inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and other destructive activities. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Let’s take a look at the main features of this monitoring app:

  • It monitors all text messages, including received and sent texts.
  • It provides detailed information on the search history on the target device, including the visited websites.                                                                         
  • It tracks the location of the device at any time with the GPS feature.
  • It lets you read incoming text messages on Kik, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.
  • It allows you to view all installed apps on the target device.

How Much Does a WebWatcher Cost?

To use the WebWatcher app, you can choose from the three different subscription formats offered, which include:

  • 1 month — $39.95
  • 3 months — $59.95
  • 12 months — $129.95

The WebWatcher free trial version is not available as the app does not provide the service as some monitoring apps offer. This option is a handy one as you can use it to test the app’s features before you purchase a subscription of your choice.

However, WebWatcher proclaims that it is completely risk-free. A refund is provided only if the service is not working, as stated by the app or if the support division cannot fix any issues with the app.

Make sure you cancel the subscription if you do not want to use the app after the trial period to avoid charges.

How to Install WebWatcher?

To access WebWatcher features and start monitoring, you have to complete the simple and quick installation process. The process takes under 5 minutes to complete. In order to know how to install WebWatcher on Android and iOS, look at the steps given below:

Installation Process for Android

Step 1. Find the appropriate operating system compatible version and choose from the subscription plan you want.

Step 2. Download the WebWatcher app and install it on the target device you want to monitor.

Step 3. Visit the login page of the official WebWatcher site. 

Step 4. Access the account you have created on registration. You will receive all the information from the target device in your WebWatcher account online. You can keep track of text messages, social media app activities, location, and other information you need from the target device from the account page.

Installation Process for iOS Devices

The installation is a bit different for iOS devices. After creating your WebWatcher account and logging into your account on WebWatcher, you must enter your target’s Apple ID credentials.

The data from the target device backed up on iCloud is recorded and sent to the WebWatcher account you have created to provide you with the details you need. You can start monitoring WebWatcher data remotely this way on an iOS device.


Is WebWatcher Compatible With All Devices?

WebWatcher is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices. Ensure the compatibility of your device’s specific model as it may not support some versions. WebWatcher is also compatible with Chromebooks, like Dell, Samsung, Acer, Lenovo, and HP.

Is WebWatcher Undetectable in the Target Device?

WebWatcher works well in stealth mode, so it cannot be detected on the target device as you will not find any icon or shortcut indicating the presence of the app in iOS and Android. In Apple devices, the installation is done using iCloud remotely, so it isn’t easy to detect the presence.

Is the Rooting of the Target Device Needed for Using WebWatcher?

Rooting is not required for installing and using WebWatcher on Android devices. Rooting can void the warranty of the device, besides being complicated to do.

Does WebWatcher Work on Only One Device per Subscription?

Yes, you need to buy a separate license for every phone or computer you want to monitor. However, WebWatcher provides discounts when you order multiple licenses. Once purchased, you can view the data from all the devices from a single online account.


As a parental app, WebWatcher provides the basic tracking features that help you monitor your child’s activities on a phone or computer. The device compatibility, social media monitoring, image saving and viewing feature, and stealth mode operation are significant benefits the app provides.

However, the features available are very limited, making it difficult to do detailed monitoring. The web filter feature does not allow you to block or filter all inappropriate websites despite the presence of a keyword blocking feature. Also, the settings are a bit difficult to navigate after installation.

The ability to use the monitoring app on the target device without jailbreaking is a significant advantage that many WebWatcher iPhone reviews commend.

In short, if all you want is some basic features, then WebWatcher is a considerably good option, provided you find the subscription plans acceptable. However, there are better alternatives at affordable prices with more various features available, which you can check out.

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