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Process for recycling

Recycling of most materials is carried out by following a series of steps in a Recycling Process. Recupyl's recycling processes typical comprise a mechanical stage to separate the components of the waste, followed by targeted hydrochemistry to extract valuable metals.

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Photovoltaic panels

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The photovoltaic industry is booming. Nearly 90% of all photovoltaic cells are currently made from mono and polycrystalline silicon. Given the soaring demand for solar panels, developing an efficient recycling ...

Electric Arc Furnace Dust (pigments)

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Recupyl is majority stakeholder in a joint venture called Recupac, which recycles electric arc furnace dust (EAFD), a steel industry waste product containing primarily iron and zinc. Recupac has developed ...

Flat-Screen display

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Recupyl has developed a treatment process for separating the components of flat-panel displays so that all components can be recycled, thereby maximising flat-screen recycling rates.


When it comes to traceability, Recupyl aims to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Today businesses are being held accountable for ...

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