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Recycling of batteries for electric and hybrid cars

Electric and Hybrid cars will become increasingly popular and will comprise an increasing proportion of the total volume of cars on the roads. Due to the significant size of the batteries for these vehicles (measured in 100s of kg), there will be a significant recycling challenge for these batteries at their end of life. Recupyl has patented processes for the treatment of batteries used in electric and hybrid cars.

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Recupyl develops and operates processes based on research conducted by Dr. Farouk Tedjar at Grenoble Institute of Technology. Recupyl's global headquarters in Domène, just outside of Grenoble, ...

Why choose RECUPYL?

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When you choose Recupyl, you choose a trusted clean-tech partner to support your business' environmentally-responsible image. Recupyl's business is built on three main pillars: ...


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RECUPYL: FROM WASTE TO STRATEGIC METALS Recupyl's innovative process for recycling batteries and recovering their valuable metals fits in perfectly with the concept of "Urban Mine" or ...


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Innovative battery recycling: Recupyl treats several types of batteries and recovers their valuable materials. We also offer comprehensive systems designed to give you peace of mind wherever you ...

Flat-Screen display

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Recupyl has developed a treatment process for separating the components of flat-panel displays so that all components can be recycled, thereby maximising flat-screen recycling rates.


At Recupyl, we have leveraged years of scientific research to develop high-performance recycling systems capable of handling multiple battery technologies. However, because recycling high-value materials is about more than just ...


When it comes to traceability, Recupyl aims to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Today businesses are being held accountable for ...


The fly-ash produced by solid waste incinerators contains heavy metals. Disposing of this incinerator residue in landfills does not eliminate the risk of pollution-in fact, landfill disposal of this waste ...


Recupyl's recycling and recovery processes are based on hydrometallurgical technology. Research has shown that this technology is fundamental for the effective elimination and recovery of heavy metals. ...

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